Residential Staging & Design
As a Design/Build company, we know the power and necessity of staging. When we stage our speculative projects, we sell quicker than our competitors who don't stage. The value of improving any real estate is key to a successful sale. When you wisely invest your money into staging, you are setting your home apart from the competition. In any market, whichever staging service you choose with DKWozniak, it will give you the edge in marketing your home and make the best first impression possible. Whether your style is traditional, transitional, eclectic, modern or contemporary, we can help achieve stylish and approachable staging that will enhance the selling process. Or even if you are not selling, but want a professionally designed look for your home, we can help you.

We offer Staging Consultations, Vacant Staging, Blended Staging, Home Edit Staging and My Home Staging.

Staging Consultation
This 1 hour complimentary first step is to listen to the client's wishes, concerns and budget. We also make thoughtful suggestions and explanations regarding color palettes, paint choices, layout & design of furniture, artwork, accessories, de-cluttering/de-personalization, curb appeal, lighting and purposing of rooms. If you would like us to stage your home after the consultation, we will generate a free estimate for you.

Vacant Staging
Whether you choose to fully stage, lightly stage or just do a few rooms, we can help the buyer greatly envision what their home could look like by giving them a realistic sense of scale, color and composition with appealing furniture and accessories. Model homes typically have every room staged. Hence, proving the theory that model homes sell first, quickly and usually at top dollar.

Blended Staging
A great choice for an occupied home where the homeowner has existing furniture and accessories and we then blend stylish rented furniture, accessories, color, etc. to update and create inviting living spaces, implementing the wow factor or that pop of color. This staging service could also include editing and/or removal of existing furniture and accessories to revitalize the home.

Home Edit Staging
Reinvent, Revitalize, Rejuvenate. This staging service is working and styling with the homeowner's own furnishings and no supplementation of rental items. We can showcase the home's strengths and manipulate the home's negatives. We will create an efficient and visually pleasing layout and design, creating a welcoming and cohesive look throughout the home. This is an affordable choice for a homeowner on a smaller budget, needing creative and profitable guidance with furniture in acceptable condition and style.

My Home Staging
Even if you are not selling but you always admire the look of a beautiful and professionally staged home, we can help achieve this for your own lived in home. DKWozniak's designer can visit you in your home and re-evaluate your current layout and design. From there, we will reinvent, rearrange and edit your existing furnishings and accessories, resulting in an inviting and thoughtful design. Whether we use only your furniture or blend in new items, your home will feel new, revitalized and personalized.

DKWozniak's Staging 411
In order to secure and finalize your staging agreement, there will be a one time staging and design fee, plus the first month's rent of staging items prior to delivery and installation. This fee also includes de-staging and moving out of staging items. The 'Total Installation' fee, which includes Design/Install fee, move in, move out and first month's rental of furniture and accessories averages around $300-$500+ per room/area depending on the size of the rooms and furniture needs. Monthly rentals thereafter usually amount to approximately 40% of the initial price. Please contact us for your free, personalized estimate.


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