DKWozniak Design/Build, LLC (formerly DKW Corporation) prides itself on developing lasting and loyal relationships with clients and providing the best service possible using our creative and comprehensive expertise and knowledge. We hope you will be inspired by these testimonials, our background and credentials to consider us for your next building project. Your confidence in DKWozniak and referrals are the best compliment imaginable.

We remodeled two bathrooms using the services of Dan and Kari Wozniak. From the very early stages, we have been impressed with their detailed knowledge and experience in a wide range of design and construction, their thoroughness, and their great teamwork combining Kari's great design sense and Dan's extensive architectural and construction experience. During the design stage, Kari would bring us two or three options of cabinets, counter tops and fixtures based on our preferences. We appreciated not having to visit showrooms. We just made our choices. Dan kept us up to date on what would happen next.
Extensive remodeling can be very messy and disruptive, but Dan works very hard to minimize both. He is the neatest, cleanest demolisher and installer we have ever seen. The work site was cleaned up at the end of every work day...even the tools and equipment area in the garage was neat and clean!
Dan's work is detailed, precise and of the finest quality, even where it will never be seen. The work would last a lifetime.
The result was exactly what we hoped for...and within budget!
Besides all that, Dan and Kari are very nice people with whom we enjoyed working. We trust them in our home and trust their abilities. We recommend them very highly.

Ron & Judy Matthew
Bellevue, WA.


After discovering a water leak in the master bath of our condo, we hired DKWozniak for a total remodel. Dan and Kari were amazing in helping us find ways to cut our costs and still have a gorgeous bathroom upon completion. Dan was careful and respectful in keeping the work area clean and dust was kept to a minimum. Two years later, we hired Kari to stage our condo before listing it. She is an incredibly talented person! We did not want to spend a lot so we were amazed that she could repurpose and rearrange our furnishings by adding a pillow or an accessory here and there and give it a totally fresh, beautiful look for showing. People raved about her work! We recently moved into our present house and we hired Kari again to do something special for our granddaughter's room. On a very limited budget, Kari turned that bedroom into the envy of every teenage girl. Our granddaughter is proud to show her new room to all of her friends. We highly recommend DKWozniak Design/Build LLC.
Jack and Dorothy Burns
Kirkland, WA


We purchased a house in Kirkland last year, more for its potential (location and beautiful design) than its current state. Right away, we started looking for contractors to help remodel most of the house to realize our vision. They key characteristic we were looking for was a partner vs. somebody who just did what was asked. We must have screened about 20 potential contractors but most were only interested in the budget or were quick to offer what they thought we needed. Imagine our luck when one day there was a polite note on the front door from Dan who happened to live up the lane from us.
From the beginning, we knew that Dan and Kari were the right partners for our project. They spent the first few weeks of sitting down with us and talking about what we wanted to achieve. Though long conversations, pictures of other houses, ideas we had, their experience, and budget parameters, the final scope document started to take shape. By the time the work order was finalized, we really felt part of the overall effort and had a clear view of what the end would be.
Throughout the project, Dan's attention to detail went beyond any of our expectations. If a corner was 0.05in off, it was not good enough and Dan made sure it was done properly. Things like visual lines, geometric flows, color matching... all of it had to work together to tell the full story to perfection. Dan's skills are fantastically balanced by Kari's creative side with suggestions on color, texture, shapes, and the little things that speak to you every time you walk into a room. Throughout the remodel, we would make a hundred requests or deviations and each was met with a professional but caring attitude. When spending $ did not make sense, they called it out to us right away. Conversely, when a few $ more would provide significant benefit, they identified that as well. Never were we ever left out of a decision, no matter how trivial. Any delays (only a few) were communicated clearly and ahead of time to reset expectations.
Needless to say, we are utterly satisfied with the overall project. Not only did we achieve what we wanted, the quality of the finished product far exceeded our expectations. While we are happy when visitors come up with "Wow", it feels even better when we say the same every time we enter the house.
If you want your project done the way your mind thinks it will be, work with Dan and Kari. If you want to be satisfied EVERY time you look upon the work, hire Dan and Kari. Its the difference between 'ok' and 'WOW' and you will not ever regret your decision.

Bharat & Rupa Ranjan
Kirkland, WA.


Working with Dan was a real pleasure. Our full scale remodel project required the blending of old (1927 house) and new. It took a lot of good communication, imagination, creativity, planning and forethought. Dan's architecture background and feel for good design was extremely valuable to us. At the same time, he emphasized function to meet the everyday needs of our lifestyle in this fairly small home. Blending the two together is the real trick and we could not be happier. His skill and talent brought everything together and, in the end, it all came out beautifully, on time and within budget. We have recommended him many times and will continue to do so.
Russ & Jonni King
Renton, WA.


I highly recommend DKW Corporation for any home or commercial project. I have had the opportunity to have work completed by DKW at my commercial retail store and with each project the quality and detail of the work was impeccable. I always find them to be very fairly priced, honest, dependable, friendly and assuring. This is honestly the only contracting company that shows up when they say they will, finishes the work in a timely manner, and keeps you informed each step of the way.
Lisa Johnson
Owner of New York Cupcakes


Dan strives for and only accepts excellence in the quality of work that marks each project he takes on.  Without a doubt, Dan builds a quality home that I would be more than pleased to reside in myself.
Steve Hubner
Sterling Savings Bank


 Dan Wozniak has completed a number of construction projects for me both personally and professionally.  He constructed a custom, detached mother-in-law house on our personal residence property.  It was a difficult project that required a lot of improvising in order to complete.  Dan’s recommendations, architectural background and vast knowledge in EVERY aspect of construction was the instrumental key to the success of this project.  The home turned out fantastic, and we owe it all to Dan.
Dan has also done a lot of work for my company, Rosen-Harbottle Commercial Real Estate.  He has provided the same quality and expertise in the commercial arena as well.  It would be very difficult to find someone that is more thoughtful, conscientious, fair, detailed and experienced than Dan.  I would recommend him for any construction projects regardless of their complexity.

Jerry Harbottle
Rosen~Harbottle Commercial Real Estate


Dan Wozniak, of DKW Corporation, has given me outstanding service in my remodel project.  He has consulted with me on every detail of the project so I have been able to choose the quality and price of all the materials used to suit my budget.  No detail of the construction has been overlooked, and he has required the best workmanship from his subcontractors.  I would recommend DKW without hesitation. 
Pat Sheffels
Bellevue, WA.


Dan & Kari Wozniak and DKW Corporation are the best.  Their quality is exceptional, right down to the finest details.  Their creativity in design and project management are tops. Perhaps most importantly, they are people of integrity who are a pleasure to work with. I couldn't’t be more enthusiastic in my full recommendation of DKW Construction!
Laurie Hope
Windermere Real Estate


Wow, it has been 10yrs of a great business relationship with Dan and DKW Corporation. I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation of the way you have conducted business with us. It is very rare to find such high standards of sincerity and trust-worthiness in the world of business today.
Alec Anishchenko
Design Craft, Inc.


I never could have imagined when I left on vacation that I would come home to a water soaked house and a full remodel would be required! I am so incredibly fortunate and thankful that DKW Construction was able to take on the project. I had no backup plan – Dan was my only phone call and I wouldn't have trusted anyone else.    
I was so overwhelmed with all the decisions that needed to be made; home insurance issues, helping coordinate with my insurance company and "what do I want to do now" moments through the entire project.  I really hope you know how much I valued your suggestions, counsel and honesty with everything and the remodel went smoothly. 
You listened to all my ramblings and were able to design and remodel the perfect home for me again! The custom made barn doors and the built in kitchen benches are still my favorite parts of the house. I know that every room posed a challenge as most old homes do, but nothing fazed you. Your creative mind created amazing things! Love it all and would recommend you in a heartbeat.

Marcia King
Renton, WA.